Speaking with the Dead


Thirty years ago I experienced my very first encounter with the dead.  I was little, ten years old full of wonder and innocence, lying in my bed Christmas Eve waiting with sleepy eyes for Santa to arrive.  Before the arrival of the jolly, old Elf, a different visitor made himself known.  I was startled out of my sleepy dreams of presents by the cold splashing of water hitting my little forehead.  A pungent, moldy scent rose up around me as a tall, dark mass formed next to my twin bed.  I stifled a scream thinking it might scare Santa away if he was already in the living room depositing presents around the tree.  I watched with horrified eyes as the black shapeless form morphed into what looked like Captain Hook.


Pulling the covers over my head, water still dripping onto my now wide awake blonde head, I heard the breathing of my smelly visitor as he stood motionless next to me.  The dark bedroom felt like an icy cavern as Mr. Moldy spoke to me in a high pitched buzzing voice, followed by a normal gravelly voice.  He spoke plainly, “Don’t be scared. I am here with you.”  I screamed and ran from the bed, waking my parents and relating my encounter to annoyed, deaf ears who only wanted me to return to bed and go to sleep. 


My path in life was set by the events of that night, as the voices, the visitations, and the cold energy that surrounded me in the daylight and the nighttime became a constant teacher to guide me into the world of Mediumship.  It has not always been an easy path to follow walking with one foot in the mundane of being on this planet and one foot dangling over the veil of the Other Side.  The deep feeling that someone was in my personal space bubble, occurs everyday.  Buzzing noises, feeling tingles on the back of my neck when I enter a client’s home, or noticing fleeting shapes moving along side the living while shopping at Wal-Mart, can be unsettling at best.  For many years I questioned my own sanity.  Was I crazy for hearing words that no one heard?  Was I a bit off my rocker for smelling strange perfumes or sickeningly sweet cigar smoke? Did I imagine feeling people touching me everywhere I went? Did anyone else in my family notice that someone was sitting on the couch next to me, quietly observing me watch Ghost Hunters? I questioned myself daily feeling sure I was insane.


It has been a long lesson of practice and awareness that has taken me past the self doubt and wondering if I was cuckoo. I now know that the dead only want to be recognized, heard and acknowledged just like the living.  Once I realized and practiced going beyond the buzzing noises, which are a precursor to speaking with the dearly departed, I practiced boosting my energy frequencies.  Daily, I opened up my energy through meditation and Yoga. I read voraciously, consuming as much knowledge as possible about Mediumship and energy boosting.  I began to consciously ask for those that had crossed over to visit me in meditation and teach me to communicate with them.  The invitation was met with many dreams of the dead who rapped on my bedroom walls while falling asleep. Light bulbs burst around me when I entered the room or sat quietly meditating, announcing the arrival of the Spirit Realm. The front door bell chimed often, rousting me out of a conversation with the dead, only to find a cold draft at my front door and not an actual living person. My cell phone rang intermittently, no name, appearing on my caller ID, with no voice either.  The practice of communication, lead me to defining the buzzing which became clear words. Knowing what the smells were and acknowledging the discarnate soul attached to the scents they offered me to recognize their presence.


It no longer terrifies me or makes me feel uncomfortable.  I find a profound honor in passing along the messages to the loved ones of those departed.  Many times the love that pours across from the Spirit Realm fills my soul to the point of bursting, while I share how Aunt Martha misses baking or how Uncle Steve wishes he could have been more attentive to his children.  I feel so much emotion when a spirit relates to a loved one how they died, how the pain is no longer present, and how much they love the person sitting before me.  Talk of Heaven being different than what they thought it would be comes up often, with messages of being able to dance all the time, walk through green golf courses and sitting in the kitchen with the family they love are truly the heaven they experience now. Pets, near and dear to their owners, come through as well. I see them shaking their tails and expressing such unconditional caring for their owners, I can’t help but feel their sweet love pouring through me as I relate their messages to those who miss them.


I believe everyone has the ability to speak to the dead.  I believe if you quiet your mind and learn to erase the constant noise of the television, your cell phone, the chatter of what chores you still need to do for the day, you will hear a higher voice trying to communicate with you.  If you take a small moment of your day, purposefully get quiet and ask for the dead to come into your personal space, you WILL feel something happen. The key to speaking with those that have died is to use all of your senses. Trust what you are feeling, hearing, knowing and seeing.  Don’t doubt what may occur especially if you hear a creaking noise after asking for their presence. If you have a candle burning while trying to communicate with the dead, trust that the flame  truly did get bigger in response to your invitation.  Don’t deny that the room got colder and you are feeling a heavier sensation in your body than when you first began.  Acknowledge any buzzing or strange sensations in the body you might experience and be open to any interaction that occurs long after your practice session.  This is normal.  They sometimes arrive when you least expect it but you are in a quiet state of being and they can access your energy easier than when you were trying really hard to feel something.


If nothing occurs when you first begin this process, try to not give up or be negative with it.  Practice is the key.  Practice observing what is around you.  Really look at people. Smell them, hear their words and listen to how they speak. Watch their movements and then go a little deeper and pay attention to how you react to those people.  Did you “feel good” tuning into the person you were watching?  What did you feel in the pit of your stomach?  Your body will give you signals. If you really go into those signals it will be the start of opening up and being able to get messages from a higher vibration, which is the Spirit Realm.  Heighten your senses, raise your vibrations, clear out the mental chatter and listen.  These techniques are the road map to communication with the Other Side.  When you perfect paying attention to the body signals you are receiving, getting comfortable with shifting into a higher awareness and actively inviting the dead to speak with you, a whole new world of awareness begins to occur.  You will find a spectacular interaction beginning to take place where you discover that the mundane world has become a miraculous playground of etheric love and light, with the messages from the people we loved never really leaving us.


Written by:  Ginger Quinlan 

Ginger Quinlan is an international Psychic Medium who has offered her talents to over 50,000 people the past 30 years.  She is a Certified Master Psychic, Certified Reiki Master, Master Gardener and Herbalist.  She is a published author with her new book, “Scents of the Soul ~ Crafting Incense for Body, Mind and Soul,” being released September 1st, 2009 through Findhorn Press.  To contact Ginger for a reading please visit her website at www.soulsessionswithginger.com








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